N.C. Desmond is a writer and poet living in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the last of four children to Mr. and Mrs. Nwali.
He grew up listening to his father tell him fascinating stories by great writers like William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens and Chinua Achebe. From a tender age he wanted to tell stories in words and in pictures that people would love. He wrote comics as a child and got his peers to play out his imaginations.

In 2005 he lost the will to write after an experience which left him broken. He later worked as a fashion and fitness model before starting Desh Fitness (a fitness and lifestyle brand). For some time he worked on building the brand. And in 2015, he volunteered on a program funded by Department for International Development UK (DFID) called International Citizen Service (ICS) with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). He worked with fellow volunteers on the programme to create inclusive learning spaces for children in three different communities and empowered them with literacy and life skills. Working with children and a group of selfless volunteers from different parts of the world imbued in him the importance of life, love and friendship.

Towards the end of the program he received a short, joined-up letter from a little nomadic child, a pupil in one of the spaces, thanking him for his contributing to his life and that of his friends. This forever changed his life. He decided to start writing again. While on the volunteering program he got the idea for a novel and upon coming back started researching the World War II. This extremely arduous labour took him 9months.

Although, neither time nor resources afforded him the luxury of achieving the kind of research he intended, after a never-ending 9months of studying, exploring and investigation of history, he finally decided to start writing the novel. For close to 10months, under the worst of conditions he wrote a partial account of the bloodiest war ever in human history.

FOREVER IS JUST A START is his debut novel. N.C. Desmond is currently working hard on a new novel.

From The Author

“Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a writer who lost the will to write after losing my ‘book of stories’ and spent years chasing the wind in fields I wasn’t so passionate about. How did I lose this book? My mother threw it away on my birthday, July 13th 2005 while carrying out a thorough sanitation in our little windowless home. Was it her fault? Though I like to blame her, truth is, it was my fault. I was so careless and always leaves my books scattered. Sadly, I still have such habits.”

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference from a very tender age but I always get into trouble because I could not understand why some things were considered impossible. I was considered stubborn, too inquisitive and wild and I agree because I am all of these things and more. I have a curiosity that cannot simply let go unless it gets answers that are convincing to some degrees.”

“I am the last of four children. I have two brothers, Eric and Kevin and a sister, Blessing. I lost my father Mr. Linus Nwali in April of 2004. My mother, Mrs. Theresa Ego Nwali who I call ‘Fine Girl’ has been the most understanding and supportive person in my life and in my career as a writer.”

“I am a lover of good music, movies and books. My average reading goal in a year was 100 books (3books per week) but now it’s between 40 and 50—this is because I have to write. I love playing football and volley ball. I have worked as a secretary, a salesman, an errand boy, a factory worker, a security guard, a model and a fitness instructor.”

“Everything is my inspiration and I live in all my characters.”

“Thank you for your interests in my works and the support. I appreciate all the feedbacks, the kind words, criticisms, suggestions and recommendations. I hope to personally reply every single enquiry on this site. However, if I fail to reply please accept my sincere apologies, this is because I am deeply engaged in a new novel.”
Best wishes, N.C. Desmond.